David Johnson and Vera Zelkina-Johnson

Cancun Mexico
Cancun Mexico

Live life to the fullest


Live life to the fullest

You are welcome to ask me anything at all! 

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I am a traveler, freelancer, retired, fun loving, explorer. I enjoy all discussions. 

Latest AMAs

My name is Vera, and I have been personally attacked on social media for Voting for President Trump. I have lost family members, and friends over my decision. AMA

My name is Vera and I have Dysautonomia. This condition has caused Micro Vascular Disease, Gastroparisis, and numerous other problems. I have learned to live with it, without tons of medication. I use travel, healthy eating, and a positive lifestyle to combat this incurable disorder. AMA

I am a Pro-Choice, Tree Hugging, Pro-Gun, Pro-LBGTQ, Pro First Amendment, Anti Large Government, Pro-Trump, Freedom loving Left Leaning Conservative. I do not believe a party should be able to define you! I vote with my conscience, which is not bond by party lines. AMA!

My name is Vera. My husband and I decided that living in the states was too expensive. We sold everything off, and are now traveling Mexico. We have seen the most beautiful, untouched places of Mexico, and are currently in Cancun. AMA!

My name is David. I am retired Army Veteran, living in Cancun Mexico. I am combat injured with extensive knowledge about the VA, and all military process. AMA!

My name is David, and my wife's name is Vera. We are in our early 40s, retired, and living in Cancun. I am retired military, and my wife use to be a Project Accountant in NYC. She even worked for President Trump back in 90's. I lean more right, and my wife leans more left. We both voted for Donald Trump this election. AMA