Your Mindset is Your Key to Success

Guest Contributor
Aug 30, 2018

In business, you can't take everything personally. Some people will love what you put forward and some won't. But as long as you are putting your best foot forward at running an honest operation, you're already headed in the right direction.

There's a lot of platforms out there that are extremely critical on reviewing business operations - they can be your best source of referrals to new clients, but they can be painful at times. Just know that someone will always have something to say, so find the silver lining in it all. If you hone in on what you can take away from each review, you will slowly make your team improve daily and that's what it's all about.

Follow your gut and stay true to who you are. Keep your eye on the ball, but make sure you stay in the know, there's a lot of great stuff going on in the industry and there's nothing wrong with evolving...just be sure it's you that's leading the charge.

Contribution from Bryn Butolph, CEO and Founder